Windblown Seeds

This morning as I sat in the cafe at University of Nottingham for possibly the last time, I watched as countless wreaths of fluffy seeds blew past the window and in through the open door. I marvelled at this haphazard approach to reproduction as doubtless thousands of seeds landed on the floor and sofa where … More Windblown Seeds


LinkedIn can seem like an exclusive club at first, and trying to connect with the influential ones, a nightmare. But, stick with it because if your brand stands out, and your contacts recommend you; your brand will sell itself! I have been on LinkedIn for about 18 months, at first I used it to try … More Connect

Make a Plan

They say life is what happens when you’re making other plans.  I have found that some of the of most significant events in my life have often happened in the most surprising of ways. Volunteering to help a church put on an event one Summer took me just 12 miles away but led me to … More Make a Plan

Is the Price Right?

Launching yourself as a Freelance Copywriter, getting the price right is critical. Most clients will negotiate on price so don’t go in too hard if you’re just setting up.  Great reviews and endorsement from happy customers is worth far more than a few extra pounds in your pocket! Having recently set up, my ideal price … More Is the Price Right?


I’ll be honest. I haven’t left my job and launched out in the Unknown, I have a mortgage to pay and a family to feed! So this is a side-venture a kind of toe dip in the dark to see if it’s warm enough to go all the way. But it’s scary! I know at … More Uncertainty