LinkedIn can seem like an exclusive club at first, and trying to connect with the influential ones, a nightmare.

But, stick with it because if your brand stands out, and your contacts recommend you; your brand will sell itself!

I have been on LinkedIn for about 18 months, at first I used it to try and gain contacts to land a new job but then I changed tack and set up my own copywriting business.

Now I am having people asking to connect with me rather than the other way round. just yesterday I was added and messaged by a new marketing agency who have commissioned my company, Kapow! Content, to write their new website!

Contacts are good, but meaningful connection is better! I have spoken with this particular contact as much about the trials and tribulations of being a Nottingham Forest fan as I have about writing his website. I must have made an impression, he’s a Derby fan and he’s even willing to overlook the fact that I’m a Forest fan!!

Why? Because we connected and that kind of meaningful, memorable interaction cannot be manufactured, it must happen organically.

Another example is a client I contacted for a quote. Whilst messaging him over the course of one day his car broke down. As he felt we had ‘gone through that together’ he felt able to come to me and ask advice on writing his site after a copywriter had let him down and as a result commissioned us to write the content for his website.

The bottom line is, don’t just horde contacts but connect with them and see how your career takes off!

We don’t always have the budget to make things happen as quickly as we would like. And that is all the more reason to nurture every connection and to find genuine common ground with your contacts. Doing this will help to melt the business facade and let your potential clients connect with the real you.

Having a corporate approach may seem professional but it can also appear cold, unfeeling and aloof.

So be yourself. People will respect you far more if you do!

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