Is the Price Right?

Launching yourself as a Freelance Copywriter, getting the price right is critical.

Most clients will negotiate on price so don’t go in too hard if you’re just setting up.  Great reviews and endorsement from happy customers is worth far more than a few extra pounds in your pocket!

Having recently set up, my ideal price is 2x that of my 9-5 as I have less than half of the amount of time outside of my 9-5 to do the work, and I am ultimately wanting this work to replace it.

That said, I have agreed a mates rate with a friend of mine, have begged the crumbs from the table from one very busy Pro Copywriter who has to take a cut too and have even negotiated a trade of services with a branding agency in return for a brand, logo and some letterheads.

However, whilst this is ok while you’re building your portfolio, this is not a situation you can maintain for long so don’t be afraid to ask for more, as work starts to pick up.

Secondly, don’t be afraid to say no. Keep writing about what you know. Writing a 500 word blog about healthy eating is blaggable. But an in-depth 2000 word article would be beyond me.

So the key is, know your subject, know your price and know your worth. Don’t oversell yourself. Be humble and people will use you again. Be proud and they may not. 

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