I’ll be honest. I haven’t left my job and launched out in the Unknown, I have a mortgage to pay and a family to feed!

So this is a side-venture a kind of toe dip in the dark to see if it’s warm enough to go all the way. But it’s scary! I know at this stage I have nothing to lose but I am truly hoping that my full income will come from writing rather than my current day job at some point in the next year or so…

In the meantime I’ll keep doing a few FOC’s (Free of Charge Commissions) to build up my portfolio base.

I saw an article on LinkedIn by ContentWolf which had 10 things to NOT do in your first year as a freelancer… The first thing she said was that she wished she’d set up a website earlier.  Well upon that advice I did it on Day 1!

(Albeit with a “dotWordpress” site page but hey, it’s early days and now I’ve even designed and ordered my business cards…

So what’s next? Back to the day job and try and find some time to research for my dental client…

Oh and to find out just how easy “Kapow” is to trademark and register as a limited company! (Watch this space…)

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