Who Do You Think You Are?!

Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks, with a Home Counties plum in my mouth, a question I was often asked, complete with venom and spittle was “who do you think you are?!”

In all honesty, this is a question I have asked myself a lot over the years, who am I?  It’s a question I’ve tried to answer with hairstyles, fashion choice, bad habits and foul company but I think in reality it’s a question we all ask ourselves from time-to time.

The rediscovery of poetry, has been a new birth for me. Being able to hear and convey that inner voice, the one which gasps at sunsets and cries at sad movies has been so liberating. 

And so, as part of this journey I have discovered the sheer joy I have when creating a piece of written work, be it poetry, prose, article, blog or copy.

The deep frustration I have is in getting this across to potential employers. They look at my CV and think you’ve never done it before, why should I hire you? And I get that, passion doesn’t pay the bills but a guy with a degree will. But passion inspires people, it moves them.

One of my fellow poets wrote a piece which resonated with this juxtapose very poignantly. She wrote from the perspective of Victoria Pendleton talking to an ordinary cyclist and asking them how they dare call themselves a cyclist?! A hilarious concept but one written to highlight the snobbery she had experienced when she started writing and performing her poetry and (God forbid) dared to call herself a Poet.

And so this is where I find myself, a writer without a benefactor. And so I have decided to launch this new blog, in addition to my poetry page, by way of a diary of a start-up writer documenting the highs and lows of Freelance Writing.

I have been approached by a friend of mine to write some engaging blogs regarding dental hygiene for kids which is going to be very challenging as it is such a familiar subject, so I am going to need to be really innovative to make it stand out. 

But hey, who am I? I am Phil Deakin, 39 years old and proud founder of Kapow, a digital content management company with big ambitions and no capital! What’s the worst that can happen?!

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