What is Kapow Content?


Hi there! My name’s Phil, I’m a Freelance Copywriter conveniently based between Nottingham and Derby.

I have over twenty years of commercial experience in the spheres of sales, customer service and business and commerce. Please take a look at my Portfolio for some examples of my work.

I am a people person, whether face-to-face, over the phone or in writing. I love meeting new people, exploring new ideas together and seeing their face when they see the finished product.

As a married man with two teenagers, I’ve had exposure to many different life scenarios. The experience of raising a family, buying a house and managing a tight budget has given me firsthand insight into the consumer mindset.

Customers can smell a sell a mile away.

Many advertising and marketing methods leave a bad taste; this is mostly due to their sheer lack of authenticity. The modern marketplace is crying out for brutal honesty. The brands that have recognised this are the ones who are really excelling at marketing and advertising.

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At Kapow Content, we do things differently.

We create written content which grabs your attention, not merely by its audacity but by its uniqueness, by its sheer relevance and timing.

We spend time looking for just the right words to make you sit up and take notice. We craft content which stands up and demands an audience with both sides of your brain; technical concepts woven together with witty wordplay.

But it’s not just gimmicks and puns which sell products. More and more, customers are engaging with real-life stories describing a person’s experiences. At Kapow! we seek to paint pictures, evoke emotions and tell stories that people can relate to.

Our business is to make more business for your business.

If you need a professional blog writer, auditor or an exciting refresh of your website, contact us for a quote.

Kapow – Don’t be content with less.

Contact me today to obtain a quote!

Connect with me on LinkedIn here:  Phil Deakin